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The Sky is our limit.


HOCKEY and FAMILY go hand in hand.  Building a Hockey Family through this great sport is very important!!  Day in and day out, both Parents and Players will be in constant communication with other families that have at least one thing in common: Hockey.  As players are already part of their own family, we would like to extend it to everlasting friendships through the community.  The camaraderie that this sport endures, is a unique one that is hard to break apart.  As a community, we successfully will have a positive look towards the player's well-being and giving them opportunity through scholarship, athleticism and life achievements.

By creating such a path for the players, collectively we can open up doors that are best suited for each players ambition.

·         Recreational

·         Travel 

·         High School

·         College

·         Professional 


We are a strong advocate of supporting each player's overall vision of life, through sport (Family and Friendship), so we can surpass any adversity!

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